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No Time for Quality?

Production demands often trump quality initiatives in the lab. Lack of involvement and investment in lab quality programs can negatively affect patient safety, accreditation and regulatory status, reimbursement, and workplace culture, as well as introduce legal risks and costs to the laboratory. 


What's Your CoPQ?

Learn about Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ) and how you can use this concept as a tool to improve your bottom line through investment in quality. Contact us for an Excel based tool to help you calculate CoPQ and for consultations on how you can get started tracking CoPQ in your lab!


Navigating ISO 15189

ISO 15189 is the international gold standard for quality in the clinical lab. Many labs are pursuing voluntary accreditation or incorporating ISO 15189 into their quality programs. As this standard is relatively new, many lab leaders struggle with where to start.


The Confusion About Quality

Undoubtedly everyone who works in the clinical laboratory agrees that quality is important, but how is quality defined, how is it measured, and what does the quality function entail?  This haze around what constitutes quality in the lab often leads to confusion about the quality role.  This article presents tried-and-true tips to ensure the success of your lab's quality program.

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Cost of Poor Quality White Paper

Making An Evidence Based Financial Case for Investment in Lab Quality Quality with COPQ

Made possible by Roche Lab Leaders


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Cost Savings vs Cost Avoidance: What's the Difference?

 his article aids lab leaders in differentiating between cost savings or cost avoidance for a given initiative or in successfully eliminating a root cause for a specific event. This simple example effectively illustrates the differences, helps to solidify the concepts and will allow you to articulate the real, but often underappreciated, benefit of cost avoidance.   

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